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Welcome to the second issue of 2011 of our Wingshooting Connection newsletter. We will cover a wide range of topics related to wingshooting including tips, lodge reports, great videos and photos, as well as the latest company news. Enjoy!

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Reports of our three lodges in Cordoba

The pigeon season at Montaraz has started earlier than usual but with great results, while our dove lodges keep surprising shooters with new and different types of shooting.
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Los Crestones Lodge

Our new lodge, located in Buenos Aires, is close to the opening date. It will host up to 6 guests and will be focused on duck hunting and perdiz hunting over pointers. Read More

San Juan Lodge, Uruguay

We are almost ready to start our season and lot of activity is happening around in San Juan Lodge. The past summer has been warm and not very rainy so there were great weather conditions for the perdiz chicken. Read More 


Argentina & Uruguay social projects

David Denies makes it a practice to support local charities as a way of giving back to rural communities who have supported our endeavors.
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March was a really a busy month in both dove shooting lodges. As a side note, the pigeon lodge, Montaraz, is up and running and the season has gotten off to a great start. Around here at Pica Zuro and La Dormida we have shifted our shooting locations to the flatlands because the corn harvest has already started. The doves are moving to the northeast and have been providing the guests with a new and different type of shooting. In the low lands we stay in cornfields, close to waterholes, or the occasional feed lots were the volume of birds is impressive and allows us non-stop shooting all day.

As I mentioned before, March has been a great and very busy month with some rain, which made the hunts a little more challenging- something that is always good with this volume of birds. We are just getting into fall and the weather is starting to cool down a little bit, making jackets necessary some mornings but by the afternoon the temperature warms up to about 70ºF.

By Guillermo Ferreyra

Our pigeon season has just started-- earlier than usual but with excellent result. We have some new faces (well-trained) in the field and the lodge, and our staff is both willing and able. Additionally, the can tell you a lot about the shooting and history of the lodge and region.

Our manager Maximiliano Becher is a stickler for details; Santiago Darti'gue a passionate hunter; our chef Gustavo trained in Pica Zuro Lodge and La Dormida with a similar "a la carte" menu and he’ll surprise everyone with his twists on international cuisine.
Shooters from our other lodges ask me to define pigeon hunting. My answer is that it is like shooting ducks in a dry blind, with excellent weather and with more hours of sleep, as we start our hunts somewhat later in the morning.

And when I compare decoying pigeons with ducks I mean it; as shooting pigeons over decoys is very alike. We use 3 different kind of decoys- standard plastic full body decoys; “robo” pigeons and “carousel” as they use in the UK. All of them are very effective. For the last month we have achieved limits per person per day everyday; experienced pigeon shooters will make the limit in a short period of time. We are mainly hunting in alfalfa field were the pigeons will come in to eat the new shoots off the plant. We had some successful hunts in watermelon fields were the pigeon will feed on the watermelon seed. Later during our season they will attack the olive plantations were the hunting becomes really enjoyable because of the combination of shooting incoming birds between the olives trees and the flat alfalfa fields. We are hoping to see you with us at Montaraz this season.



As you may know, David Denies Wingshooting is opening a new Wingshooting venture for 2011 - Los Crestones Lodge.

Located in Buenos Aires province, in General Belgrano, just a 2 hour drive from Buenos Aires and 90 minutes from the Ezeiza International airport.

The Crestones program will focus on ducks on ponds, creeks, and lagoons nearby. Los Crestones will also provide the possibility to shoot perdiz over pointers in the afternoons over the grassy fields of close-by farms. We are planning to run the program for a maximum of 6 hunters during this coming season with the possibility to host up to 8 hunters on special occasions. The hunts will be hosted at a beautiful Argentineestancia named “La Julia”, where right now final upgrades and construction is being completed. The lodge will have 7 rooms: 6 single king sized bed rooms and one twin bedded room We also added a new fireplace in the middle of the main living room.

New hunting equipment is arriving weekly, from duck callers to waders, decoys, shotguns and more.
Our outfitter, Claudio Villalba, has a vast experience on duck hunting operations in Argentina and the United States. His expertise includes close to a decade on the “Burnt Pine Plantation” in Madison, Georgia, hunting quail, duck, pheasant and turkey. He is a professional trainer for hunting dogs, and Los Crestones will have American labs for picking up, plus German Shorthairs and English Pointers for the walk-up Perdiz.

During this 1st season at Los Crestones we will take no more than 12 groups. The idea is to concentrate on the hunting experience and service attention to detail on this first season. All guests will enjoy private single rooms and the use of new waders when hunting ducks at no extra charge.

We are looking forward to an excellent season!


San Juan season 2011 Paysandu Uruguay

We are almost ready to start our season and lot of activity is happening around in San Juan Lodge.

The past summer has been warm and not very rainy so there were great weather conditions for the perdiz chicken. Lot of food in the summer crops brought a stunning amount of doves and pigeons to the fields so we will have a fantastic hunt for our guests. We have had some rains that started filling up the ponds, and the ducks are begging to come.

For sure our main guides, Martin and Dawie, are already scouting the areas where the concentration of birds is significant. Is a very important work to do before and during the season. They are pretty optimistic in their reports to Bernardo.

The month of April is very important to exercise the dogs that has been on holidays for the spring and summer, so is a lot of fun to open the kennel again and walk them in the mornings. Time to remember the game again!!

We are sorry Dali our star dog is pretty old and we will not hunt with him again this season, we decided last winter was his last hunting season. Anyway, we have in Perla, Donna , Nike and Maja, great dogs with his best characteristic inherited.

But Demon, a great three color English Setter did great last season and will be our next star. Great nose and energy in the field, combined with excellent blood of champions. Bruma and Vento are new ones that have a great disposition in the field and excellent nose.

Our Chef Lucas, and and Souchef Julia will prepar for you, with their exceptional cuisine a variety of first class recipes that Mercedes has been collecting along the years. As has been tradition in Hasparren Lodge first, and in San Juan lodge now, the experience of a great menu, with deli and game dishes, together with new touches to old recipes, will make the stay of our repeater groups and also for sure will be a surprise to the new ones.

The comfort of the Lodge will be also improved with some new touches in furniture and new windows and doors, to isolate properly the house for the winter.


Cruz del Eje, Córdoba, Argentina

Just one hour away from the lodge, the Maria de La Esperanza Mission is a network of eight centers where the tireless Sister Theresa and an all-volunteer staff provide a daily meal to as many as 1500 underprivileged local children.

We support Sister Theresa’s Foundation by providing harvested doves each week, along with pasta, bread, rice and other foodstuffs.

With donations from visitors, we have contributed large appliances and have built two Community Centers to teach parents crafts and provide a safe haven for the kids to have their daily meal. A third canteen is now being started.

For more information: www.misionesperanza.org.ar

Young, Uruguay

In northwest Uruguay, just 20 minutes from San Juan Lodge is the small town of Young, and the Esperanza Educational Center. This Center was created to enable people with severe disabilities to work and perform productive activities in preparation for their integration into society.

Just as we do with the Mission of the Hermana Theresa in Cordoba, we are providing the Esperanza Center with meat each day from harvested doves and pigeons. We have also provided them with the necessary equipment to allow these people to process game into ground meat for their own consumption and for our lodge use.

We have also invited our land owner partners and other local businesses that supply our lodge, to contribute a portion of sales, land use fees, and lease monies to the Esperanza Center.

Learn more about them: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKXaTu5Gwoc