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Welcome to the fourth issue of 2011 Wingshooting Connection newsletter. We will cover a wide range of topics including wingshootng tips, lodge reports, great videos and photos, as well as the latest company news. Enjoy!
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By Sebastián F. Casado Sastre
Los Crestones Lodge is already working on numerous upgrades to surprise you during the 2012 season. We will keep you excited about most of them but tell you of some in this report. + info
Dove Shooting at Córdoba
Even though the dove shooting season at Cordoba is all year round, there are some differences between the months that could help you make a decision as per when to come. There is different shooting for all tastes! + info
Meet San Juan Lodge managers
Meet Bernardo and Mercedes Barrán, a Uruguayan couple who dedicate their lives to welcoming people from all over the world to their house while providing them with the most unique hunting experience. + info
by Doug Larsen
We hear two questions a lot from our clients. The first is, "Do you have internet connectivity at the lodges?" (yes) and the second question is, "Do I need waders for duck hunting?" The answer is, probably.
+ info

First of all, we have already decided to build a Sauna and Massage room at the lodge, to pamper you when you come back with sore shoulders after an intensive day hunting.

We will also add an 8th comfortable single room with private bathroom, which means that we will now be able to host up to 8 hunters on single occupancy.

The current rooms and other facilities of the lodge, will also be refurbished, redecorated and taken care of.

A gun cleaning room and a gunsmithing room will be built next to the gun & mud room.

Talking about guns, we have bought new and reliable shotguns to provide our guests with the quality equipment that they deserve. We will still offer loaner rifles to our clients who would like to go Big Game Hunting.

We are also bringing gundogs from the US to improve our local bloodlines, especially for the retrieving job and a couple of English pointer. However, the pups that we have trained this past season are ready and willing to work full season in 2012. All of them will be joining the crew in the coming season and we can’t wait to see them perform.

The rest all depends on the weather. If the conditions are good, we have plenty of fields to hunt very close to the lodge and we will have the chance to offer great perdiz hunting walking distance from the lodge door.

Last, but not least, during 2012 we will add many new leases for Big Game hunting so we will be hunting the best Wild Blackbuck Antelope and Axis Deer in the world!!

Hope to see you around!

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  Sebastián F. Casado Sastre
Los Crestones Lodge manager
  Dove Shooting at Córdoba  

We can separate our hunting season into four different, and important seasonal times:

Perfect Time #1: 15 March to 15 June- The Flatlands”

Weather: this is our autumn, and while we can have some rain in March, April, and early May it is rarely more than a day or two of rain per month. Then our dry season begins. For average temperatures see pre-trip info.

Doves: during "The Flatlands" we find high concentrations of birds feeding or doves on temporary roosts. We see high birds at this time, depending on the wind and how far we are located from the feeding or roosting areas, and by getting away from these areas we can show our clients doves with some altitude under them. The main reason the birds fly this way at this time of year is because they are following the combines which are harvesting all the finished sorghum, soy bean, and corn fields. During this time of year we also shoot feed lots and water holes where the birds gather to eat and drink-and the water holes can provide quite a show. Driving distances from Pica Zuro are from 30 minutes up to 1 hour. From La Dormida, about 20 to 45 minutes.

Perfect Time #2: 15 June to 15 July- "The Transition, Head for the Hills"

Weather: Cold in the morning, comfortable in the evening; blue skies every day with a predominant south wind.

Doves: A combination of low and high-flying birds depending on where we find the better shooting conditions (flatlands or hills).This time of year is what we call our winter transition, and it only lasts a month. We continue to hunt the flats and we start hunting the hills as well, depending on the flight pattern of the doves that day. Driving distances from Pica Zuro will be 20-45 minutes, unless we are lucky enough to be able to use the field right next to Pica Zuro which is only 5 minutes away, that can be "red hot" at times and makes for a nice bonus. Driving distance from La Dormida: 20 minutes.

Perfect Time #3: 15 July through 15 February-"The Glorious Hills"

Weather: This season includes the end of our winter, the entire spring,and part of our summer-almost half our year. For the end of our winter and most of our spring we experience mild blue skies with easterly winds. Temperatures usually range from 60-75F. The tail end of this block is our summer when we experience some tropical showers late in the day with a predominantly northern wind. Temperatures 65-95F.

Doves: We can present every bird in the book during this broad time of year, from sky scraping high doves, to low and slow birds perfecrt for beginners-and all flying at every possible angle. We are situated in the hills daily at this time of year, and we can use our location to our advantage to produce just about any hunt a client or a group might prefer. If shooters want low birds we hunt the ridges, and if they want high doves we go deep into the valleys. We also hunt a vast array of local farms, which provide a nice variation from day to day. The driving distance from Pica Zuro ranges 15-35 minutes. La Dormida is about 25 minutes.

Perfect Time #4: 15 February to 15 of March-"In Transition"

Weather: mainly warm 85F, sunny and dry with some occasional light showers.

Doves: A combination of the hills and flat shooting with the best hunts occurring early in the morning and after 3pm until sun down at 8pm. Much like our June/July hunting, this season is short because the birds will stop hatching due to the lack of food and start staying in temporary roosts in the flats close to the production areas. It is the opposite movement from our June/July hunt in that we are now moving from the hills back to the flats, two great hunts per day, often with a long lunch and time for a nap at midday. Beautiful, warm weather. Driving distance from Pica Zuro varies from 15-45 minutes and La Dormida averages 25 minutes.

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  Meet San Juan Lodge managers  

Bernardo Barrán


Bernardo has always loved hunting, since he was a child. But now as a grown up, what he enjoys the most is being part of the process in which puppies become great new hunting dogs as they grow with years of dedicated training.

So every season, Bernardo faces the challenge (or more appropriately “the treat”) of training the newly arrived puppies ready to smell the scent of the bird for the first time.

There is something else that Bernardo enjoys immensely and it is the self-satisfaction that he feels every time he finds a new field for hunting to surprise long time clients. And not only does he look for for fileds, but also for new roads, new roosts, or new harvested fields to hunt. The search of new places and a different line of bird flights is one of the jobs that Bernardo considers more challenging, as it’s not easy to keep exceeding client’s expectations year after year.

“I have to admit I have the best job I could ask for. It’s actually more a lifestyle that I chose rather than a job. I love nature and doing what I do allows me to enjoy uncountable sunrises and sunsets from the fields in the open skies of this beautiful country. Then, having the opportunity to meet such interesting people from around the globe and also having the chance to surprise them and offer them the best hunting experience of their lives is a satisfaction similar to none other” - Bernardo.

  Mercedes Barrán  

Mercedes, Bernardo’s wife, is another fan of her own lifestyle. Her passion is to entertain people who come from different countries with different cultures and different likes and dislikes and adapt to their ways in the most gracious manner. She loves exchanging experiences thinking it as the best way of learning from other people and she’s always opened to a friendly conversation.

Another hobby that Mercedes has, consists on setting different ambiences by decorating and re-decorating the lodge as many times as she considers necessary to provide guests with a freshy air during their stay even if they are staying at the same place for several days.

Mercedes is also a great cook. She loves to plan the a la carte menus and to present the mise en place in a million different ways. Her biggest challenge is to please every guest’s “favorite” in every possible way.

On the othe hand, she also loves to walk the puppies and to teach them the first necessary steps to turn into great hunting dogs.

“I love dogs more than anything. I couldn’t imagine my life without having them around. My children have inherited the same passion for them that I have. We were lucky that they wanted to join Bernardo and I in this activity and we have taught them how important it is to interact with different people, learn from them and becoming good pals” - Mercedes.

  For more information about the Barran’s mix bag lodge in Uruguay, click here  
  by Doug Larsen  

Here is the story on duck hunting footwear.

We work hard to make our duck hunts as comfortable as possible, whether from Jacana, or San Juan in Uruguay, or at Los Crestones. We erect dry blinds with hard floors, or place one man "bucket blinds" which are dry fiberglass tanks., At the very least, if the blind is in water, we put down some shipping pallets as platforms. But we have to be where the ducks are, and sometimes that means a little walking or wading. Some hunts can be reached in sneakers,(all hunts at San Juan are dry-no wading) others in knee boots, others are hip boot friendly. But very few may require a few steps in waist deep water. We understand, it is no fun to fill a duffle bag with a pair of chest waders, but they are the one type of footwear that works for every duck shooting situation.

You can go anywhere in them, and if the blind seat or boat seat is wet, your backside isn't. If it rains or the dog shakes on you-- you stay drier. So while you may never go over ankle deep when hunting ducks at one of our lodges-we still suggest waders are the smart choice. And we keep a stock of waders at the lodges, in case yours spring a leak, or if you'd prefer not to travel with them-we have you covered.

As a wise old duck hunter once proclaimed, "Nobody ever complained that their boots were too tall!"