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Dear Wingshooter:

Welcome to the third issue of our 2012 Wingshooting Connection newsletter. We will cover a wide range of topics related to wingshooting including tips, lodge reports, great videos and photos, as well as the latest company news.

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Los Crestones, Buenos Aires.
Los Crestones Lodge appropriately celebrated the end of its second full season by way of a fantastic perdiz hunt with our two last clients. This year was very good for perdiz. + info
Jacana Lodge - 2012 Season Finale
After praying for rain through the months of March and April, we received our wish—plus some! In two months the skies generated more precip than we often see in a year. Fortunately, the ponds where filled to the top with water. + info
San Juan
Another season at San Juan Lodge has come to an end. We had three months of great hunting that we shared with old-time repeaters and new groups that came for the first time. + info
David Denies Social Work
In 2002, a new initiative by Sister Theresa gave birth to a Mobile Clinic, which was created with the aim of proving free monthly health care services to the uninsured people who live in the most remote areas of Cruz del Eje Mount. + info
  Los Crestones, Buenos Aires.  

More cover and good hatches led to an abundance of birds, the benefits of which will be seen for seasons to come in this beloved upland bird area near Buenos Aires.

Most clients succeeded in limiting out during the season, with afternoons of 30 or more flushes. Our "Home Pool"—a prime perdiz field near the back of the lodge—produced almost 500 birds this year. We typically quit hunting it by late July to ensure the birds remain plentiful. For being so close to one of the biggest cities in the world, perdiz hunting at Crestones Lodge remains superb.

In addition to perdiz, duck hunting was also good. We started in early May with low water, focusing on our big lakes and larger marshes. By mid-May the skies started to pour, which changed everything! Our smaller ponds brimmed, corn and sorgum fields flooded, and the ducks spread all around. As fresh ducks entered the area the hunting improved. June and July brought light rain which, combined with May's wet weather, kept our ponds, marshes and rivers in great shape.

Teal hunting was good all season. And yellow billed pintails arrived in big numbers. Later in the season we had an influx of white cheek pintails. The mighty rosy bills were here and there. One days we'd locate big flocks; the next they were gone. They can fly hundreds of miles in one night. We think that most of the rosys of the Parana River flyway stayed in western Buenos Aires province, because it received more rain than us in May. Thousand of acres of corn were flooded there, luring massive numbers of ducks—especially rosy bills.

Dove shooting was good for our low volume standards. Very easy to burn 10 to 20 boxes in an afternoon. Pigeon hunting, on the other hand, was slow, the main reason being that the grain harvest was late and the birds remained spread out almost all winter. Usually by mid-May the harvest is done and the pigeons concentrate in big roosts that are easy to locate and hunt.

This season all of our big game clients shot nice wild Blackbucks. Repeat client Jennifer O from Florida replaced shotgun with rifle for a day and scored a record-size buck—harvested cleanly with one shot.

Overall, 2012 was a season full of hunting highlights. Our guests left very happy, talking about coming back—a great indicator that the program is succeeding!

  Sebastian Casado
Los Crestones General Manager
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  Jacana Lodge - 2012 Season Finale  

About a 100 miles south our shooting area the rain was much worse, resulting in floods. This factor affected the duck hunting here. The ducks stayed south longer than expected, and looked like they weren't going to leave. Eventually cold fronts from the south forced the ducks north toward Lincoln, where we were waiting for them.

May was a difficult month to hunt because the temperatures were high compared to average. With the beginning of the cold months, June and July, we started to shoot good numbers. It was clear that the early-season water variances would no longer be an issue.

We shot mainly Rosys, silver teals, and whistling ducks. We didn´t see as many pintails or wigeons as in years prior. Water inundated fields made it a tough season to work: not easy getting close to the blinds, and a lot more sticky mud than average. Drives to the ponds, however, were short because we had many places close by with plenty of water.

Many of our repeat guests came with their wives this year. This meant shifting part of the focus on fun activities for the nonshooters in the parties. Several took horseback-riding lessons at Jacana and experienced the ins and outs of dude ranching at our farm.

Big thanks to all of you who brought hunting gear to the lodge. We appreciate your efforts and look forward to seeing you again soon.


  Charlie Lanusse
Jacana Lodge Shooting Manager
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Another hunting season is over. For the past 25 years, I've had the same sensation when facing this moment. I review the past four months and try to reach an objective conclusion: Was it a good season? What could we have done to make it better? And what have we learned from it?

Over those 25 years we have all grown, and so has our service. Some of our customers have come back year after year for two decades, driven by the abundant hunting and our good work. But our service has not remained unchanged. Every year we strive to learn, improve, and motivate ourselves.

This past season in San Juan has undoubtedly been one of the best seasons ever. With great satisfaction we can say we've outdone ourselves—proving we can get better and deliver better quality. Season 2012´s highlights were: Very good hunting, full guest bookings, and the addition of new and valuable members to our team.

Our discerning hunters enjoyed abundant hunting of all species. The early start of the migration and fully loaded ponds helped bring ducks in generous amounts. Suitable spring rains and a mild summer and autumn brought a great number of partridges. As for doves, there were millions of them, as every year, every day of each week.

Partridge hunting was excellent: plenty of birds, well trained dogs, and a good climate. And this year a large number of hunters were especially interested in ducks. Each dawn, their expectations were fully satisfied. Duck hunts were bountiful and very good.

Such profusion of ducks, partridges, and doves, and the large quantity of hunters that arrived to San Juan, gave this year a particular flavor: busy work, exceptional hunting, and total satisfaction.

In addition, our new team members proved to have excellent skills for the job, close understanding of nature, ability to work with dogs, and the best attitude toward our clients. Four new, quality guides (Antonio, Marcelo, Fernando, and Agnasco) teamed with "veterans" (Martín, Pablo, Sebastian, and Mauricio). With the inclusion of these highly qualified employees—who will be part of our team next year—a matured San Juan Lodge has found core strength in its personnel, as is the rule in any firm. This particular group of guides is the best team we've ever reunited in our long existence.

Lastly, another important aspect of this hunting season was the generational change of our dog team. The grandchildren of Dali (Maja, Perla, Tango, and Diana) took their places as main leaders of the group, along with the dogs incorporated by San Juan (Demon, Rastro, Viento, and Hopper). We will keep crossing this new blood with great Dali´s descendents to maintain the identity of San Juan´s renowned hunting dogs. Emma and Pluma, who lead the hunting mornings for the past ten years, will be retired soon.

In conclusion, this outstanding season has been satisfying and enriching. We'll capitalize on these assets to improve our performance moving forward.

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  David Denies Social Work  

At the soul of the Mobile Clinic is a team of volunteer health professionals, who travel to rural areas seeking to improve the quality of life of people in need. The team is composed by gynecologists, licensed pediatric nurses, odontologists, and there is also a laboratory for medical exams. All these generous doctors have the mission of providing medical assistance, detecting special cases, and creating strategies to follow up on patients. Their goal is to educate on the prevention of deceases and offer comfort to those who are sick.

David Denies joined the project some time ago, with a first investment in technological equipment for the truck and the commitment to dispose a fixed amount of funds per month for travel expenses; including fuel, maintenance, and food for the doctors.

We have also contributed with a van that reaches ever spot in a selected regi-30-on, picking up villagers in need of medical assistance and taking them to the truck, which parks in strategic points of each targeted village.

In each mission, an average of 180 people receives the health care services provided by the Mobile Clinic.

Whenever you come visit us, you can choose to go see the many things that David Denies together with people like you, have achieved to help Cordoba's people in need.