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Dear Wingshooter:

Welcome to the first issue of our 2013 Wingshooting Connection newsletter. We will cover a wide range of topics related to wingshooting including tips, lodge reports, great videos and photos, as well as the latest company news.

  The David Denies Team  
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By Horacio D'artiguelongue
With a renewed staff, new partnerships shaped during Reno SCI, and many projects in view, Horacio details a new year in the making. + info
Report from Montaraz
Tomas Frontera shares his passion for pigeon shooting and explains why this sport is fascinating to anyone able to experience it at northeast Cordoba. + info
Los Crestones and Jacana
Our two duck hunting lodges in Buenos Aires are also gearing up for the coming season. Both Los Crestones (ducks and perdiz hunting) and Jacana have exciting news to share with you. + info
New San Pedro Lodge!
ISan Juan Lodge and its fantastic mixed-bag program have become so popular over the years that a new lodge was formed to introduce more avid hunters to these world-class experiences. + info
  By Horacio D'artiguelongue  

The New Year is here and we are looking forward to bringing in some exciting elements. First, we have made changes to our staff; Cate Smythe has taken flight after two years of managing Pica Zuro lodge in search of new horizons and adventures. Thank you Cate for all you added to the David Denies Wingshooting family, we wish you luck, and you will always be welcome here. To replace her, we recruited Michael Sanchez who is proving only after 3 months of training to be an ambitious and dedicated host and manager. He hails from Athens, Georgia, USA, where he recently graduated from the University of Georgia with degrees in both History and Latin American and Caribbean Studies. I am proud to say that he is enthusiastically continuing our tradition of superior service and hospitality. Regarding our field staff, we have added some new young blood to our guiding team with Facundo Maso who was our side guide for one season in our pigeon hunting lodge Montaraz.

We are also proud to say we are the only outfitter in Cordoba that provides 3 different brands of shells and 5 different gauges: 12, 16, 20, 28 and .410. We just closed a deal with a gun importer and will soon add 25 new guns to our list. Remember, in 12 gauge we have over-under Berettas and Silver Pigeons, and semi-automatic Urika 391s, Benelli Super 90s (high rib), and Montefeltros. In 28 gauge, which I believe is the best gauge for wingshooting in Cordoba, we provide over-under Berettas and Brownings. We have added new fields including 3 farms in the hills near The Balcony, which is one of the highest quality shooting areas in the region. Those who have been there understand well. We also bought 4 new special purpose pickup trucks for use with smaller groups.

The weather has been changing almost every week, and there has not been much rain for the last 20 days. Some crops are suffering this drought, particularly the young soybean crops. Due to this drought, many farmers are planting special Sorghum crops that are more tolerant of high temperatures and dry weather; and the birds love it! I can therefore assure a great hunt during our fall, mainly over these crops, watering holes, and cattle feed lots.

We made changes to our menu, which now incorporate new dishes to our 5 choice a la carte offerings. This selection will continue until the end of May when we will transition to our winter menu. We also added several new items to our lodge shops including new hats, shirts, shooting stools, and shell pouches, with more to come. Late this spring, we were visited by two high representatives of Costa del Mar sunglasses who were testing their new camouflage frame hunting glasses. They are very ergonomic, and for cloudy weather the glasses allow you to spot a high tiny dove that would normally disappear with the gray clouds. You are also welcome to test them with us.

More and more shooters are asking to double gun; remember that you are welcome to have a professional loader so you can focus on your shooting all the time. The volume of birds keeps surprising repeat groups, and the most common question I get is, "Do you think you have more birds than 10 years ago?" I have a difficult time answering because we see the birds every day and any changes are virtually imperceptible, so I have to resort to asking our repeat shooters. The best answer came from our guest Henry S., who has been shooting with us for over 12 years, and his response was a definite yes. He said that 10 years ago the morning shoots were slower and the average of boxes fired per day was less, but the variety of shooting scenarios has increased dramatically since. So yes, we have more birds. It is true that the volume varies from year to year depending on the food and precipitation, but the dove population has increased in 10 years.

I am also happy to mention that our community outreach program is thriving and people are getting more interested in visiting the Fundacion Maria Esperanza. Sister Theresa Varela is always happy to receive visitors in any of the 5 dining rooms that we support. Thanks to donations, we are buying a machine to can the pickled doves that the foundation makes for shooters to be able to take home. In the next week you will receive more exciting updates about the progress we are making there.

To all our repeat shooters, thank you from the David Denies Cordoba Wingshooting family. For all of you who still have Cordoba dove shooting on your wish list, stop procrastinating and make it real! See you all in 2013.


  Horacio Dartiguelongue
Cordoba Manager
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  Report from Montaraz  

Montaraz lodge is a special place. Located only a 2-hour drive from the Cordoba airport, and amidst the beautiful hills of the Sierras Chicas, it is the perfect place for pigeon hunting. In addition to the great sport, the history of being in a place more than 350 years old adds a flavor that's hard to describe.

There is nothing better than a cloud of pigeon flocking over your decoys! it is spectacular to see these spotted winged creatures and Picazuros doing pirouettes in the air as they fly almost above your head. They may look easy… but they're not. These birds are big and appear slow, but truth is different, and it's not unusual to be surprised when your first shots are behind! These birds are also characterized by their strength; they need to be shot well forward if a shooter is to enjoy success. It is always important to stay still, well hidden behind the blinds, as the smallest move may scare pigeons out of the killing area.

Our job as an outfitter is not easy, satisfying clients who will tally up misses before realizing how difficult these birds are to hunt. However, we are confident they all bring home a sense of fulfillment after successfully accomplishing the task. Whether from England, South Africa, or South America, outfitters from all areas agree that pigeons are hard to predict. They are smart and sensible.

We have hunted in corn fields, alfalfa, sorghum, and sunflowers fields and over olives groves. The fields share the advantage of being open, which gives our hunters the chance to spot pigeons at a distance when they turn in to the decoys. When hunting over olive groves, hunters must be fast to shoot; they need to be quick and swing the barrel through the gap in between the trees; a thrilling challenge!

Opinions about most convenient shell sizes are diverse as some people prefer a 12ga, but the truth is that every year we see more and more hunters shoot with 28 gauges, outperforming 12ga shooters. It is surprising how high pigeons can be harvested if the shoot is done right; a 12 gauge shot in the wrong place just throws a cascade of feathers and no trophy.

But this trip offers a lot more than hunting. Formerly known as Estancia Siguiman, which means the confluence of rivers (as the lodge is located where the San Marcos river joins the Quilpo and La Candelaria rivers, currently under the waters of the Cruz del Eje dam) the 12,000 acres (5,000 hectares) of the estancia was once the heart of the region, so radically affected by the introduction of the train in 1888. It was a forced stop on the way to the rich Peruvian north of the Viceroyalty of Rio de la Plata.

Time seems to stand still in this dry portion of Cordoba. You can still see wagons pulled by two horses in downtown Cruz del Eje just like they were 150 years ago.

The climate is very dry and harsh, so fields need to be irrigated through canals from 3 different dams in the area. Among the native animals at the estancia are brock deer, pumas hens, wood peckers, and more than 60 water buffalos.

The lodge is simply an architectural treasure, dating from the 1600s. Originally built by the Jesuits, you can still see the vineyards surrounding it where a fine variety of Malbec is grown, the Malbec-bonarda. The wine we offer our guests comes from the very cellar of our own lodge.

The ancient past is combined with contemporary accoutrements and this gorgeous looking Estancia is now equipped with the latest in technology: air conditioning and WiFi in all rooms.

The lodge also boasts some lovely art. Visitors can appreciate paintings by Malamanca, Quadri, Cerrito, Sansano, 1626 pottery, gold and silver saddles with handcrafted bridles and a chapel with the Virgen del Quebracho (Quebracho Virgin) originals saints statues and a hand carved confessionary.

A fire pit, where we celebrate the hunts at nights, the cellar, the windmills, the enormous 16th century Algarrobo trees, the yards with its grape plants, olives trees and eucalyptus, the extensive fields where over 4,000 head of cattle roam, the Peruvian marching horses (available for rides), the saddle room, and a staff of over 17 gauchos... all contribute to make Montaraz the perfect setting for a great experience.

Today, we are proud to share with you the Estancia Siguiman Book (Montaraz Lodge), a book that contains over 350 years of history of this wonderful place, now available with a program sure to satisfy. Just click the link and then click on the book to see full screen. You will find spectacular pictures and the rich history of our lodge. http://issuu.com/ediciones-castagna/docs/libro_siguiman-issue.

Sister Teresa's charity is a nonprofit organization, about 15 minutes from Montaraz, where we provide all pigeons harvested and all the donations that we collect from our generous hunters. Sister Theresa feeds hundreds of kids from the area every day. Non hunters, and hunters alike, who have been there strongly recommend visiting it.

In 2013, the season will run from May 1st through the end of September. Hunting is considerably better during our open season, when birds concentrate and come to our valleys for the food we've planted for them.

The program is also easy to combine with a high volume dove shoot at our other lodges in Cordoba. This mixed-bag hunt combines the best of this challenging pigeon hunting, which requires speed and skill, with the thrill of shooting more than 1,000 shots over dark clouds of doves. For more information on this or any of our programs, please, contact us.

My regards,

  Tomas Frontera & Montaraz Team  
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After a successful 2012 in Crestones marked by excellent wingshooting and happy clients we are currently preparing for a banner 2013 season. The forecast is for great conditions and plenty of ducks returning to the area. Spring and early summer were wet, filling our ponds and lagoons. This, in conjunction with early fall rain predictions, should spell flooded corn fields and huge numbers of pintails and rosy bills.

The pastures remain healthy for 2013, providing thick cover for Perdiz, and we're expecting good hatches this season with prime opportunities in the field. Low-volume dove shooting and wild pigeon hunting is also off to a great start, while big game pursuits for Blackbuck and Axis Deer will be better than ever thanks to new leases that have expanded our hunting grounds by ten times.

Hope to see you soon!

  Sebastián Casado
Los Crestones Co-partner & Manager
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Another duck season at Jacana is approaching and preparation is well underway. Spring was extremely wet in our shooting areas, with many locals comparing the floods to what we suffered in the late '90s when most of Buenos Aires province was covered with water. Fortunately, by November the rains stopped, allowing farmers to plant their crops. Soybeans, corn, and sorgun are now growing in the pampas. Although the planting period was delayed, we expect to have plenty of healthy crops to feed our ducks.

For 2013, we've made special efforts to improve our hunting gear, including updated shotguns from Beretta, jackets and clothing from Sitka and Boyt, and new radios for improved communication between staff. We are now in the process of readying decoys, roboducks, boats, and trailers to be in top shape for the opening.

Autumn is calling for rain, which bodes well for duck season. If the forecast holds, we expect deep-water shooting and look forward to rolling out the boats.

Best regards,

  Charlie Lanusse
Jacana Lodge Owner and Manager
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  New San Pedro Lodge!  

San Juan Lodge has been one of Uruguay's top wingshooting destinations for more than 23 years. Accordingly, in recent times it has seen a dramatic increase in popularity.

In order to maintain its high standards, we've traditionally limited groups to no more than 10 hunters. Opening San Pedro Lodge, just 7 miles from San Juan, has allowed us to expand hunting services in the region. Both lodges offer exceptional opportunities for perdiz, ducks, and doves in nearby fields.

We have exclusive rights to hunt the biggest dove roost in the country, for instance, offering an unlimited range of shooting options. The field staff of guides and bird boys is the same at both lodges. Martin, Sebastian, and Antonio are back for 2013, joined by Diego and Freddy—who are both good dog handlers.

On a sad note, our dear setter Dali recently passed away. Luckily, he left several good dogs following their father in the field, including Emma, Pluma, Nike, Perla, Maja, Diana, and Tango.

Spring and summer were warm and rainy, providing excellent conditions for strong numbers of perdiz in the fields. The grass is still thick and tall. Sorgum areas have expanded alongside sunflower, wheat, and soybean crops, allowing resident ducks and doves to prosper and ensuring a great 2013 hunting season.

Our chefs have been busy updating new menus. Uruguay is a culinary leader for good meat, fresh fruit, and vegetables. We are in the top list of meat eaters in the world. That means perfect beef, no hormones or additives. And at the end of the day, relax in the Jacuzzi or enjoy a massage.

For 2013 we look forward to making new memories with you, fine-tuning every detail to make your stay unforgettable.

  Bernardo y Mercedes
Managers and David Denies partners
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