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Welcome to the September 2013 issue of the Wingshooting Connection Newsletter. Inside you’ll find a wide range of topics related to Argentina’s exceptional bird hunting including tips, lodge reports, great videos and photos, as well as the latest company news.

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Córdoba Argentina
Wingshooting at Cordoba is a year round affair. The pigeon shooting runs steadily through 4 months, but our dove shooting lodges stay opened all season with never-ending flocks. Read how Montaraz season ended and what’s new at the dove lodges! + info
Season Reports
This season was marked by ideal weather from start to finish. Water levels remained relatively high. As a consequence, both Jacana and Los Crestones enjoyed great hunting both in variety and massive numbers of ducks. Our Uruguay lodges  didn’t stay behind. Read more for details. + info

If you enjoy shooting at things with a shotgun, or if you’re eager to learn tips on gear, travel, dogs, wine and weather, Doug Larsen from David Denies USA’s office has created the space for you. Find out More ! + info

There's a reason the shrimp basket is the most popular thing on many menus, and it's the same reason people like fish and chips, and steak and eggs, and a double header. The combination of two great things makes an even greater thing. Read More.. + info

Pigeon hunting at Montaraz has exceeded expectations for both quantity and quality this past season due to several improvements. Our electrical system, for instance, has been updated for consistent decoying. We’ve added new carousels, attracting more pigeons throughout the day. And, specific shooting zones have been bolstered with maize, concentrating pigeons close to home and saving time and unnecessary travel.

Weather favored morning shoots until mid-July. After that we had an unexpected cold front, shifting our focus toafternoons and a stronger winter sun. These high-volume session saw huntersunloading upwards of thirty boxes! We’re currently looking forward to August and better weather. Historically this is one of the best months for shooting at Montaraz.

Thanks for visiting and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

  Facundo Masó Dartiguelongue
Montaraz Lodge Head Guide

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August was our final month of winter and temperatures are already climbing and days are getting longer. Normally, August is a blustery month and, following that trend, this one was no exception. We’ve experienced warm winds from the north and cold fronts streaming in from the south that caused a significant drop in temperature and made for diverse days of hunting.

Most of the fields we targeted in August were relatively close to local roosts, with wide-open landscapes and attractive waterholes. And we found prolific numbers of birds, which made for enjoyable days. It hasn’t rained as of late, so if you’re planning a trip in the near future, bring glasses to safeguard your eyes from sun and dust. Also, don’t forget sunscreen!

In the coming days, we expect the warming trend to continue. Spring is starting and we should be seeing some rain in the forecast, as well. Without a doubt, your hunts will be accompanied by delightfully warm evenings at the lodges, sharing time with your friends.

Hope to see you around soon!

Guillermo Ferreyra
Pica Zuro Lodge Head Guide

  For more information about Pica Zuro Lodge, please click here  

For more information about La Dormida Lodge, please click here

  JACANA LODGE: A perfect mix of variety and number  

Duck hunting season at Jacana Lodge is now over. After two and a half months in the field we’ve seen a great variety of ducks. Big flocks of rossys have been spotted and relatively high water levels and good weather continue to prevail.

Around the end of May the rain gods delivered, creating puddles and spreading the ducks around. Yellow-billed pintails and numerous teals, as well as big smiles and hot barrels greeted those early sessions!

June was not a huge month for rossys. Instead, pintails were the main draw over decoys and robo ducks. Teal, on the other hand, thanks to sunny, windy afternoons,provided a good challenge when decoying for this fast turning bird. Typically, we use modified chokes for far shooting scenarios, but I.C. or C. chokes happened to be the best choice for these kinds of close and long range shooting. Don’t forget we shoot deadly lead. When it hits, it kills.

This past month, weather conditions have returned to seasonal norms… for the most part. Ducks are evident everywhere and we’ve been finding good numbers of rossys, providing fast and furious shooting in the early morning hours.

Overall, we’re a having a great year. And minus some slow morning and afternoon sessions, our hunters are averaging three American limits per blind and blasting through more than six boxes per day. That means massive volume and unforgettable duck hunting at Jacana Lodge.

Hope to see you next season!

Charlie Lanusse
Jacana Lodge Manager

  For more information about Jacana Lodge, please click here  


LOS CRESTONES LODGE: Steady Hunting throughout the season

Our third season at Los Crestones Lodge has flown by and it’s been one of the best on the books.

Good, early-season water reserves lured large volumes of ducks into the area and we’ve had steady hunting all season long. Rosy Bills kicked the year, hanging around until about mid-June—until a strong cold front pushed most of them out. All our guests experienced greataction. To the east, yellow-billed pintail numbers were amazing; so good most guests bagged their 70 bird blind limits in less than an hour. Crazy duck hunting, all decoying! We finished the year strong at the backyard pond. It’s one of our top late-season spots, lies within walking distance from the lodge, and it always produces.

The Perdiz hunting has also been exceptional. Top guns had no problem shooting their 14-bird limits. Using English pointers for the big fields and Brittanys for the small fields, or slower walking clients, the retrievers put on a great show as always.

Dove shooters averaged 12 box afternoons. We had a couple of slower than normal shoots, but it was due to extreme weather conditions. And the pigeon shooting was slow early in the season mainly because of the late corn harvest that had birds spread thin. Later in the season wefound better concentrations and we were able to pattern them with great results. Finally, big game shoots have been outstanding, with all our hunters shooting free-ranging Blackbucks and Axis deer .

With new leases and more areas than ever to hunt, we at Crestones are expecting great things for 2014 and beyond. Hope to see you around!

Sebastian F Casado
Los Crestones General Manager

Learn more about Los Crestones Lodge here

SAN JUAN & SAN PEDRO : Mixed Bag Season Report

"As time goes by" is the famous song from the film Casablanca. . But around here it’s more of a case of “time flies” when we reminisce on another successful wingshooting season at San Juan and San Pedro lodges.

In early May, the weather was warmer than normal. The mornings were beautiful and presented perfect scenarios for perdiz hunts, or quiet conversations inside a duck blind—waiting for the first flocks to show up. Many veteran hunters said it was the best season ever for perdiz. Maybe it’s true.

Duck hunting also exceeded expectations. Bag limits were filled. Dogs, such as our new English setter, Tito, performed exceptionally well. After a couple of hours in the field hunters returned home, and with a good drink in hand, the conversations flowed. The perdiz was the star of many of those stories, as well the table—an absolute delicacy.

San Juan Lodge, with its proximity to the largest roost of the country, delivered variety, challenge, and a seemingly infinite supply of doves. After the hunt, tired, happy faces returned home to a fine meal, while plans for next morning’s hunt unfolded. Options, of course, abounded. And wherever they roamed, remarkable duck hunts awaited. Throughout the season, species ranged from white face tree ducks to brown pintails to teal to rosys. This was an early year for the migration, so the bag was full of variety.

Temperatures in June and July were average, as well as the number of rain events. The team of guides, with Martin leading the frontlines, worked hard to give guests a complete and comfortable experience. The English speaking team performed great.

At San Juan and San Pedro, Bernardo, Mercedes and their team strive to make a difference in your holidays. We hope that this season, as others, included many fond memories for our new and returning guests.

Mercedes & Bernardo Barrán
San Juan & San Pedro Lodge managers


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  To learn more about San Pedro Lodge, please click here  

If you enjoy shooting at things with a shotgun, or if you are eager to learn tips on gear, travel, dogs, wine and weather, Doug Larsen from David Denies USA’s office has created the space for you.

There are no politics, no heavy-handed sales pitches; just stuff that might make you a better shooter, and every once and then might make you burst into laughter.

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I outlined in a previous post how impressed I was with my hunting experience at Los Crestones. Great lodge, great people, and as someone who is eternally fussy about a high quality duck hunt, the entire field "package" at Los Crestones was very well done. Good blinds that covered us up, great decoys spread in the right places, and good calling by the guides

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II know this blog is on the website of a South American hunting company, and the seasons are reversed, but if you live in North America–this is the start of hunting season. The dove seasons opened over the Labor Day weekend in many states, college football has started the first week of games, and we have enjoyed the first scandal of the year with “Johnny Football.” The kids are back in school.  It is time to make an important decision. What are you going to wear on your head this fall?

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I have to make an admission. The first couple of hunts on my recent Argentina trip, I did not shoot well at all. I’m normally a decent shot on ducks, because I shoot them all the time. If you are a carpenter, you probably don’t miss many nails either. That’s the way it works

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I just flew back from Argentina. Ok, you know the joke. My arms aren’t tired. I flew Delta airlines there and back, and after a monumental snafu on the way down, they were on time, and got us home in one piece on the return. However, airline travel isn’t what it used to be. My arms aren’t tired, my soul is tired.

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There's a reason the shrimp basket is the most popular thing on many menus, and it's the same reason people like fish and chips, and steak and eggs, and a double header. The combination of two great things makes an even greater thing. That is why we offer combination packages. You  can fish sea-run trout on the Rio Grande, which is the best big trout experience in the world, and then spend two or three days at the best dove shoot in the world in Cordoba. 

We offer combo packages with trout and doves, golden dorado and doves, or sea trout and doves. We are able to offer these combinations-because the prime fishing seasons are open when the dove shooting is also at it's peak.  It's easy to move around the country and we'll arrange the inter-Argentine airfares and in country logistics. And so you don't have to pack a mountain of gear, it is easy to rent guns, and rods-even spey rods for the sea trout - we have everything you need.  We can even offer a combination of trout fishing at Chime lodge and a hunt for stag in the beauty of Patagonia. Truthfully, we know Argentina is a long way from wherever you are, so squeeze a couple more days out of your vacation and make it a combination!

Last season editor and photographer from Field and Stream illustrated their cast and blast experience. Check it out Here!